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Bangkok-born Worawan brings to London generations of expertise in growing and sourcing the very best Southeast Asian produce.

Since 2013, visitors to Borough Market have savoured authentic Thai street food from our Khanom Krok stall.

Now here’s RAYA, for all that you need to conjure your own magical meals, from mung bean flour, palm sugar, coconut milk to exotic fruits and much more beyond.

You’re sure to relish RAYA, where it’s all sourced with care.

Who’s behind RAYA

Worawan grew up with a taste for the very best ingredients – and the knowledge of where to find them. RAYA draws on her vast expertise to bring together the taste of authenticity with a compassionate commitment of caring for communities and the environment.

RAYA is more than a grocery store. It’s a destination for lovers of Southeast Asian food. It’s a community of farmers, producers and foodies, brought together by a taste for authenticity and a passion for doing things the right way.


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