Exotic Fruit Platter

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Dazzle and delight, whatever your event, with a spectacular showpiece of flavour-filled fruit from the sunniest sides of the world!

Freshly prepared and delivered to your door, Raya’s exotic fruit platter brings sumptuous goodness in an explosion of colour, the perfect centrepiece to lift any occasion beyond the everyday.

Give your special-day guests even more to remember. Surprise your staff or treat your team-mates. Start everyone’s day with a smile, or liven up lunch; brighten the grey days, or bring pizzazz to your party. Whatever the occasion, bring a burst of sunshine that looks, tastes and feels amazing.

Alongside perfect specimens of now familiar favourites, there’ll be boundless new discoveries for the bold and the curious. There could be lychees and rose apples, pink guava and durian, or granadilla and starfruit, next to soursop and jackfruit – and that’s just the beginning.

And while the spread is spectacular, it’s all sourced with care. Our brand has been built on fairness to growers and concern for the planet, so whoever you want to treat, you’ll know sustainability is at the heart of our service.

You’ll be looking after your guests, too: you can’t get much healthier! We only supply fruit of the highest quality, seasonal and fresh – and we’ll always adapt what’s available to take allergies into account.

Whatever the occasion, we can’t wait to bring our exotic platter to the people you care about. And with our expertise, we know it will make for a moment to remember.

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