COCONUT bowl & chopsticks
COCONUT bowl & chopsticks
COCONUT bowl & chopsticks
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COCONUT bowl & chopsticks

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The coconut bowls are made by nature itself and come from Vietnam where the most beautiful and largest coconuts in the world grow. Suitable for both cold and hot dishes, Buddha bowls or breakfast. But also beautiful as a soap dish or with a tea light. Chemical free & food safe. Each bowl is naturally unique and slightly different. Use it with love and they will last a lifetime.


Most coconut shells end up at the stake as rubbish. An eternal shame when you consider what a beautiful bowl nature has made! With this bowl you prevent a mountain of waste and you give the people there the opportunity to earn something extra.


Coconuts absorb more CO2 than is necessary for transport to Europe. These coconuts are coming over the water this way. Until now, this is the most environmentally friendly mode of transport. It emits much less CO2 than, for example, by train or plane. In addition, you do not lose CO2 by burning the coconut as waste. So more than CO2 neutral.

If you now also compare this with the production of earthenware bowls, you come out even better. No polluting production process such as firing the kiln. No environmental impact due to the use of glaze. In short, Coconut bowls are by far the most environmentally friendly alternative.


These bowls are hand polished by women/mothers who are often excluded from the global economy. They receive a fair wage and work under safe conditions in local craft workshops. The whole community benefits directly from this. We see that when women become financially independent, their children, families and communities thrive. In this way the cycle of poverty is broken.


100% natural
Zero Waste
Free from chemicals
100% biodegradable
Food safe
Unique and versatile
Easy to clean with soap and water
Not suitable for the dishwasher
Ø 13 - 15 cm / Content approx. 500 ml


Use it with love and grease it regularly with a little grape-seed oil. This way they stay beautiful and last a lifetime. Suitable for both cold and hot dishes, appetizers and snacks. Chemical free and food safe - NOT dishwasher safe. Simply hand wash with a little lukewarm water and soap.


The coconut bowl is the hard core of the coconut that remains after the green husk has been removed. This core/nut serves as protection for the pulp and coconut water. Coconut milk/oil is made from this for consumption. After picking and peeling, they are polished by hand and this beautiful bowl remains.

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